Each class our instructor will provide participants with a theme, help brainstorm ideas, and demonstrate how to create one small sculpture out of clay based on that theme. Participants are welcome to follow along with our instructor or imagine and build their own design. Our instructor will encourage participants to make sure clay sculptures are well built with no thin or fragile edges and can demonstrate how to properly attach different clay components together.  

Once participants have built their projects, they can spend the remaining time painting them with colourful underglazes! Projects will be left at the Pottery Studio to dry and be fired in our electric kilns. They will also be dipped in a clear, durable glaze so they’ll last forever. You will be notified by email once projects are ready to be picked up at Art Gallery of St Albert. Normally this takes 3–4 weeks.  


  • December 3rd – Winter Polar Bear: Celebrate the chilly weather by sculpting a beautiful polar bear! Participants will learn how to pinch, roll, and sculpt clay to build their own bear and then have time to paint their creations too!  
  • January 7
  • February 4
  • March 5


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Total Time

1.5 hours


3–8, 5-12




Pottery Studio, St. Albert Place


Kathy Aldous-Schleindl, Varies