Alberta & the Great War: An exhibition from the Provincial Archives of Alberta

October 30–January 13, 2019 at Musée Héritage Museum (St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert)

Museum Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–5 pm; Sunday: 1–5 pm

November 11, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice. Created by the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 2014, this exhibition “…commemorate[s] the centennial anniversary of the First World War…dedicated to how the war affected Albertans on all fronts. Historical memorabilia such as photographs, letters and newspapers transport the visitor to the Great War era.”

The exhibition story includes: The Western Front, Women in the War, The Home Front, Opposition and Oppression, and The Aftermath. With artifacts included to bring the text to life, each of the subjects will inform us about how this earth-shattering global event affected St. Albert, the province and the country.

Join us on Saturday, November 17 for Letters from the Front: a reading of First World War letters from Alberta soldiers.

Guilded: Around the Block

St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council (SAPVAC)

November 15–December 29, 2018 at Art Gallery of St. Albert (6D Perron Street, St. Albert)

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 24, 2:30–5 pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–5 pm; Thursday: 10–8 pm

The exciting and wide-ranging biennial exhibition, Guilded, showcases works created by members of the St. Albert Place Visual Arts Council (SAPVAC). The exhibit boasts vibrant works from each of the five guilds; St. Albert Potters Guild, Painter’s Guild, Floral Art Society, Quilters’ Guild and Paper Arts Guild 

History Gallery Mailchimp

St. Albert History Gallery

Opened April 1, 2017 at Musée Héritage Museum (St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert)

In honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, The Musée Héritage Museum is pleased to present its brand new St. Albert History Gallery. Through new exhibits, explore a variety of stories from the earliest people to modern-day events. The new flexible layout means you can look forward to regular story rotations that cover a wider range of subjects!

New sections coming in 2018:

  • March: Residential Schools: some commonly asked questions
  • July: New immigration stories
  • October: Edmonton Opera collection: 18th and early 19th century costumes

We hope you enjoy the new St. Albert History Gallery at the Museum!

View a full list of our 2018 exhibitions in our catalogue.

2018 Catalogue

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