Gold Mountain Dream!: Bravely Venture into the Fraser Valley

April 2–June 2, 2019 at Musée Héritage Museum (St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert)

Museum Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–5 pm; Sunday: 1–5 pm

An exhibition created by the Royal BC Museum in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of History.

Through meticulously chosen archival photographs and immersive storytelling, Gold Mountain Dream! illustrates the personal triumphs and sacrifices of Chinese migrants in the 1850s as they landed on British Columbia’s shores in search of gold.

The Musée Héritage Museum will be adding local St. Albert content with tales of prospectors willing to risk it all for gold.

Dumplings and a Movie!: Saturday, April 13 from 2–4 pm

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High Energy 24

St. Albert High School Students

May 2–June 1, 2019 at Art Gallery of St. Albert (19 Perron Street, St. Albert)

Opening Reception & Artwalk: Thursday, May 2 from 6–8:30 pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–5 pm; Thursday: 10–8 pm

Each year local St. Albert high school students and art teachers join forces with the Gallery to present an unpredictable array of artworks. This highly energetic exhibition flaunts the exceptional standard of visual art education provided in our City.

This exceptional exhibition for budding teen artists, blends students’ coursework pieces with new artworks produced especially for the show. Images from popular culture (think: pop icons, fashion and digital media) entice students to explore narratives and ideas central to adolescence and their unique experience of the world.

This year, the annual Challenge Project for the schools is an inter-school collaborative installation. Participating students contribute a small sculptural house that expresses their personal identity, culture or background. The collaboration entitled Diversity in Structure paints a picture of the diversity and cooperation required to build a thriving community.

Visual art inspires students to flourish both inside and out of the classroom, fostering cultural awareness and diversity. The Gallery is dedicated to continuing this vibrant annual exhibition to showcase the hard work and accomplishments of St. Albert youth.


Kimberly Ohman

March 20–June 15, 2019 at Art Gallery of St. Albert (19 Perron Street, St. Albert)


June 6–29, 2019
Pierre Bataillard and Ruth–Anne French

Opening Reception & Artwalk: Thursday, June 6, 6–8:30 pm

Exhibition Tour: Thursday, June 20 at 12:05 pm

loco/ Belcarra Cottages/ Port Moody

Vault: June 13–Aug 8, 2019
Florence Debeugeny

Opening Reception and Artwalk: Thursday, July 4, 6–8:30 pm

Artist’s talk and screenings: Saturday, July 6, 1–2:40 pm

Image Credit: Florence Debeugny, loco/ Belcarra Cottages/ Port Moody (stills from video installation), 21 minutes, 2018

Looking Back Again: St. Albert’s History in Photos

June 11–September 8, 2019 at Musée Héritage Museum (St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert)

Museum Hours: Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–5 pm; Sunday: 1–5 pm

Comprised of archival donations from the community, this exhibition is a walk down St. Albert’s memory lane. The enlarged photographs of people, landscapes, events and activities will spark nostalgia, laughter and curiosity.

Some prints from this St. Albert archival collection will be up for sale in the last week of the exhibition.

History Gallery Mailchimp

St. Albert History Gallery

Opened April 1, 2017 at Musée Héritage Museum (St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert)

In honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, The Musée Héritage Museum is pleased to present its brand new St. Albert History Gallery. Through new exhibits, explore a variety of stories from the earliest people to modern-day events. The new flexible layout means you can look forward to regular story rotations that cover a wider range of subjects!

New sections coming in 2018:

  • March: Residential Schools: some commonly asked questions
  • July: New immigration stories
  • October: Edmonton Opera collection: 18th and early 19th century costumes

We hope you enjoy the new St. Albert History Gallery at the Museum!

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